Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Assigment #1 MAKEUP ---> TOP THREE

So, as you can see, I've decided to redo Assignment #1. Going back over my old photos provided me with an interesting opportunity to see how much I've developed my "photographer's eye" over the course of this past semester. I knew that I could do so much better than my first meager attempt, so I took to it and the images above are what I have to show for it.
The order in which I would like to discuss these photos is as follows: #1 arrow on brick, #2 path to door, and #3 caution...
#1 I had taken several shots of this arrow. Yes, I know it's quite a simple image, but what caught my attention was that I noticed a significant difference in the photo when I had included my feet as opposed to when I left them out. This demonstrates the importance of framing; sometimes even the most insignificant elements can play an important part. If its in the frame then the photographer wanted it to be there, to be seen, to be incorporated.
#2 My eyes were really drawn by the sliver of pavement leading the viewer to the door in this image. Once again, it would have been a completely different photo had not for that little change. I also think that this is a very balanced piece. The lines of the stairs overhead and the railing run in parallels. The inclusion of the green, lush forestry on the left side of the field adds a little flavor to the otherwise muted color scheme. The elements work together to create an air of mystery...who knows where this door may lead?
#3 It just so happened that the camera chose to focus on the yellow strip in the foreground, blurriness aside the framing is quite brilliant in this selection, if i might say so myself. And to some degree, the haziness of the background contributes a lot to the image. We know what the yellow strip is (and for those who don't it's caution tape, hence CAUTION written across it) and we see a silhouette of some woodwork in the background. The diagonal movement created by the caution tape is a very important element of the photo, not only does it contribute to this thing called meaning that we keep bringing up but it sets a tone and did I mention, creates mystery? and who doesn't like a little bit of mystery in their lives...

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  1. These are great, Anna! You really have developed your eye - very strong compositions!